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Softplay disco party!

When you ask your soon to be 4 year old what he'd like for his birthday party, the last thing you expect him to come up with was most definitely a disco party..

You may or may not be aware this particular now 4 year old has hypersensitive hearing and gets overwhelmed with loud noises and lots of people.. so a disco party in my head (previous I've seen or been to) to him would be his worst nightmare even if he didn't know it.. however he was insistent that's what he wanted.. so, to be able to give him what he wanted I needed to come up with a plan that would work for him.. we came up with a compromise of a softplay disco party as I knew the distraction would help make it more bearable and also doubly fun!

I didn't want to book a full on disco, as the speakers would be wasted on C's poor ears, so I set it up exactly with him in mind.. (which makes it the perfect set up for small children 5 and under..) we had enough disco lights, laser lights, mirror balls and UV black lights and even a smoke machine to get the effects we wanted and the music from our usual stereo was just loud enough! What can I say, I'm proud of what I managed to create! 🥰

Chuck in some extra special effects, neon balloons, led balloons, glow bands and blow up instruments and a firework birthday cake and the party was complete!

We set up the side room as an escape room for adults and kids who needed a breather from the disco and a room for food (though I forgot to take a picture 😂🤦🏼‍♀️) and all in all the whole set up worked perfectly..

The eldest chief tester loved it!!