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Messy play - Our first ever session!

Updated: May 6, 2021

I'll be honest I was stressing about setting up our first ever messy play session as I just wanted it to be perfect.

I had so many ideas, and was prepared for many options it was hard to decide what trays to create first.. I think we got the balance right though, we really had a really fun morning and plenty of mess was made!

It's been a strange old year and for a fair few of the little ones (including my own) the idea of actually being allowed to make a mess confused them greatly!

But that's ok, we all start somewhere and some may take a little longer to warm up to the idea of being allowed to get wet or messy indoors and of socialising with other people again.

Every session will bring a little variety and a little familiarity to warm them up to the idea so hopefully once their confidence grows they'll try new things each time and interact with others...

Can't wait for the next session already!

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Woodfield Tots
Woodfield Tots
05 may 2021

There should be pictures with this but no idea if they added so I may try again later!

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