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we've decided to add a little variety to our group sessions see below for more detail


When we first started up, we decided we wanted to offer the tots a chance to burn off energy in a safe way! 

The opportunity to invest in some soft play equipment came along and we jumped at it- we had to close our doors before we had a chance to show you what we now have in our set up it's grown- a lot!!- and we are so excited!! 

If attending a group is too much for you just yet, we are going to continue to offer our hire at home set up- if it is dry then yes you can use it outside too! 

As for COVID-19 precautions, we have invested in some child safe sanitising spray and cleaning products, and following all official safety rules as we go back into it, to make sure that we operate as safely as we can while not limiting the Tots fun too much!

Alongside softplay at our mix sessions, we have a selection of toys, books and ride-ons and a baby corner too (and 2 sofas to sit on and relax!) we even have a wigwam tent for them to sit in.


So Arts and Crafts are included as standard in our Mix 'Content' sessions, we have Paints, crayons and creative materials and full armed aprons to protect all the tots clothes, as best we can.

Messy play is something new we are introducing in an individual session, so I will update this section once we have this all set up and a few pics to share with you.

If messy play is on the softplay won't be out for obvious reasons, no one needs to deal with that kind of clean up hahaha.. 

Just make sure that if you attend a messy play session, you come prepared for mess, with old clothes and a change of clothes, and a towel to cover all scenarios!

It will be an opportunity for your little ones to explore different materials, some clean and dry, some gooey, some wet, some rather messy hence the name! 

It doesn't matter if they are 4 months or 4 years or you are attending with a sibling that is too young to participate, we'll make sure the sessions are safe and as inclusive as possible.


One of the things we have been asked for is whether we could hold a sensory session for Children with Special Educational Needs or similar - for personal reasons we decided to go for it.

There is no reason why you can't attend regardless of whether your child has SEN or not, though these sessions will be smaller and more spaced out and aimed to suit SEN children 0-4.

We are very new to this particular age group with regards to SEN though have some experience of SEN personally.

(Beth one of the group leaders is profoundly deaf from Meningitis, and has experience of working with SEN children in secondary school teaching PE and in college as an SEN teaching support assistant years ago too) 

We are always open to suggestions and support in this area to make our sessions as inclusive and enjoyable as we can.


Free play (no not free to attend, it's a type of play!) otherwise known as exploratory play - a chance for your little ones to use their imaginations to entertain themselves, we provide a chance to build, climb, slide, hide, crawl, explore, spin, discover new ways to move around with a variety of ride ons too, and a selection of wooden toys and small puzzle problems to solve too.. - never fear if you have little ones that are non-walkers, the baby corner will still be set up too  -  we have a pikler triangle and arch and boards, floor scooters, a sit and spin and Balance River stones amongst other things.

Growingly popular with those that attend! 


Peep the Learning together programme

Beth and Jen are both qualified Peep practitioners, so have decided to set up an additional session to what Woodfield tots already offers.

This course is a 6 week long course, 1 hour long session once a week

costing £12 for the term (Per adult and up to 2 children 0-4) to cover the costs not covered by the funding we have been given to run the sessions.

The purpose of our programme is to support Parents/Carers, babies and children to learn together- by valuing and building on what families already do. We aim to share information and ideas from our evidence based Peep learning together programme about how to make the most of the learning opportunities that surround us in every day life and activities.

Our next course will be starting on the the 27th January

if you wish to join us click the link below!


If you would like to book a themed session, Softplay, Messy play, Sensory play or Free play with equipment supplied, or bespoke on request - for a birthday party for age 5 and unders outside of our session hours, held at the Cam youth and community centre please contact Beth for more information and availability as she handles the hall hire bookings for the community centre too!

Our set up for all parties start from £60 on top of the Hall hire cost

(which is £45 for a morning, or afternoon or eve) 

- Celebration decorations and Food not included.

If you would like to hire our soft play equipment for an alternative Hall party or wedding - prices depend purely on what equipment you want, how long you want it for and the location (over 10 miles away will incur travel cost) so again drop Beth a message direct to discuss.

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