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We often get asked about the parties we offer, so I thought it was about time I added this to the website!

Not going to beat about the bush, the best parties we can offer take place at the same centre we hold out sessions at. This is because we know the space and set up and we have all our equipment to hand. We don't have to transport anything, therefore can offer you a bigger and better set up for the price.

That said, we will travel if we are able to- within Gloucestershire and Some areas of north Bristol too - for messy play parties you need to check your chosen hall allows messy play to take place, and for Glow messy play you need to check the hall can be fully darkened to get the full effect - the cost in external locations will be higher as I also need to cover the cost of someone supporting me to be able to set up and clear up in the allotted time. 

Whether you want a Soft play party, a messy play party, a Glow messy play party or Soft play disco party- or whether you want a selection of equipment to help create your own party set up we will do our best to help! Please don't leave it to the last minute though - and do check our postcode for distance as I've had to turn down a few parties, Soft play hire requests due to already being booked up, or simply being too far away!

Our parties do not include the hall hire cost- however i do deal with the bookings for the centre where we hold our sessions so I can give you the cost of this too when you book.

As parties are custom created- I can give you a guide price but for availability and prices you are best off dropping me a Whatsapp message on my number on this website or dropping me a facebook messenger message I do run my group single handed at the moment including my admin so I will get back to you as soon as I can within 48 hours.


Get a Quote & Check availability

If you are interested in a Party, drop me a message with Date you want the party, age of child, location and type of party you are interested in, I will aim to get back to you within 48 hours.

Thanks for submitting!
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