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Previously known as Woodfield tots, we have now split the business in to 2 parts officially, and the stay and play group part has now become a CIC (Community interest company).


We have changed our name for 2 reasons- the first to because the new name fits in with our ideology perfectly and does not tie us to one location long term, and the second because the name Woodfield tots is more associated with our location, and our parties and events and Softplay hire - this will still exist under 2 new businesses- Woodfield tots events and Softplay hire, and Woodfield tots Childminding (Offering ad-hoc child care only) .


Our Mission statement. 

The Early years Village CIC, is an inclusive Stay and play support group for 0-4s and their Adults - it goes with the saying, it takes a village to raise a child, and we are there to support everyone with children 0-4 in their care, supporting them through the early days and as they grow, preparing them for when they start nursery, preschool or school. It's not just parents, but Grandparents, family members, friends, childminders, Nannies, Au pairs. - We support and welcome them all on a daily basis.


Established back in January 2020 we made it through lockdown, and continued to adapt and grow into the group we are today, we have many plans going forward, this is just the start. 

Our group is child focused and child led, we are Peep trained, and Baby sign trained and after 4 years have a very good understanding of the EYFS curriculum and integrate all aspects of early education, and play urges/Schemas into every session we do - in an informal and relaxed way providing the best environment for your little ones to develop and grow no matter what their age, skill stage or abilities. 

We take the pressure off the adults by providing a warm, and relaxed and laid back, safe and secure environment for both adult and child.

You are welcome to join us from as soon as you are ready after your little one is born, while participation may not happen for a few months, your little ones still gain a lot simply from observing and being in the presence of other children. Building your village starts the day you join us, and can help so much with your parenting journeys.

 We welcome everyone, that includes childminders too!

We are Peep trained which is about exploring with parents/carers ways we introduce the 5 strands of Early education into everyday routines and play without even realising it. While we don't currently run the course, we do ensure every session includes the early education aspects as covered in Peep. The course allows you to optimise what you already do to ensure your children get the most from it, while increasing confidence and supporting mental health in our journey as caregivers.

Tots Sign has been a great success so far - with the feedback being a positive ability to retain knowledge of the signs learnt and their little ones ( of a variety of ages) picking it up and using it well after the course has ended with positive affect. We don't currently have a plan to run this at the moment due to the number of changes taking place- but I am always happy to teach a few signs during sessions- just ask!

 Whether you are a Parent, Grandparent or Minder we teach you the signs you and your children need to aid communication, increase bonds and reduce frustrations in all ages from 4 months upwards. This is mostly BSL (as opposed to the widely taught Makaton) focused and taught through Songs, Story and play - age appropriate-  in a relaxed environment to give your child the best start in communication.


Learning to sign does not delay speech or create lazy children- it supports a child during the learning process and allows them to communicate their needs and wants with a caregiver sooner than speech develops - for older children especially, this can reduce big feelings and increase confidence, and give them a way of communicating when they can't get their words out.


- You can see what's on via the calendar below,

We will update you via our facebook page when things change.

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